Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Feel Pretty

There has been another side effect to meeting Mail Man. Someone actually cares what I look like. Now, I've already written about the weight loss. With the unusual dieting techniques. Like eating breakfast. Who knew all those smarty-pants types were right?

But, even with the weight loss, I did not really get any new clothes, fix my hair. You know all that girly stuff. Except the lip gloss. I still am having a love affair with my lip gloss. I even bought more.

Now living with Mail Man, I have some new clothes that actually are sort of flattering. As if clothes can ever look flattering on me. And I got my hair fixed. Nothing fancy. Well, a lot fancy for me. Usually I let it grow out until I can chop enough off for Locks of Love. That's it. A straight hair look. This time? I got some layers put in. I got some side swooping bangs. And I got my hair colored. For like the first time ever in my life. NO MORE GRAYS! I didn't realize how much older I looked with all the gray hairs.

I even got a slinky black dress for when we go out. I am turning into a girl. He even got me to get a pair of heels. And I did not fall down while wearing them. Or break my ankle. I feel sexy wearing my black dress and heels. Who knew? Apparently Mail Man did because he made me buy them. And he bought me some jeans that actually fit properly.

I feel pretty. And sexy. Never again will I let myself go to the extent that I have in the past several years. It's a wonder he even talked to me after he saw me in my too big pants, gray hair, and ratty shoes. I am really glad to know that he saw past the rough exterior to the person inside or we may not be where we are today. And I love where we are today.

And he has taught me to love shopping. Not that he wants to go all the time, but he does encourage me to go. And buy what I want. As long as it is not frumpy. He makes me feel good about myself in a way that's not "oh I need him to feel good", but in a way that I know I could have done it without him if I had just cared enough to.

So, what about you, internets friends? Do you feel sexy anymore? Do you get your hair done to cover the grays and suddenly feel younger? Do you have a slinky little black dress? What do you do to make yourself feel good?

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