Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some of This and Some of That

OMG. I think that the last few weeks have drained every bit of life out of me.

I had my visit with my son a couple of weeks ago. A few problems with that, but nothing to post about here. That's not the point of this one. Anyway, after the visit, on Monday we packed and loaded to go to see Mail Man's family and deal with some child support court issues. We left early on Tuesday to meet with an attorney. Spent Tuesday evening in the 1000 degree heat watching his son and daughter at the ball field for pictures for football and cheerleading. Then crashed into bed that night. I was wore the fuck out. Then on Wednesday, we had to visit with 5 million family members. Run errands. Make food for his family. (Apparently they think that I am the world's best cook. hahahaha) Crash into bed that night. Thursday get up early for the court date. I didn't go of course because I have no intention of meeting his ex any time soon. When this all gets straightened out and we get the kids on a regular basis, I will have to. For now, though, I will keep my sanity and distance from her. We waited and waited for Mail Man to call and tell us if they dismissed the case as they were supposed to do. Finally he called and said that yes they did and he was on his way back. Totally stressed out from waiting, I was. Another day of visiting 5 million family members and running around. Then back into the 1000 degree heat to watch the kids practice. Repeat crash into bed. Friday was not as hectic, mostly sitting with his grandma and visiting. And cleaning her house and meeting even more family. Holy Hell, i think that he is related to every one in that county. Again, repeat crash into bed. Except at his grandma's house, where we had to sleep in different rooms. No biggie. I finally got to sleep in the bed without him hogging the whole bed all night. Get up early on Saturday to go and watch the season opener games. Yes, games as in plural. It was hot and humid again, and then it rained and the sun came back out. I think I died a little that day. Go to Taco Bell and run into his brother, his wife, and their kids and eat with them. Finally go home. And go out with some friends we forgot we said we'd go out with. And drink alcohol. Get home super late.

Sleep for a year and a half. Wake up crabby. Still tired. And period late. Shitfuckdamn. Hoping that it was just stress I took a pregnancy test. Negative. Whew. Thank you fates.

Still no period on Tuesday. Starting to get even more worried. Getting more crabby. Then I started spotting some.

Wednesday, when I woke up, I was all crampy and finally started my period. Whew. Double whew. Still crabby. And I wanted to clean my house, do laundry, clean windows and re-arrange the living room. Apparently nobody told Mail Man that women occassionally get the whim to rearrange the furniture and that the men should just go right along with it and say yes, dear. Since I was still crampy and crabby, I totally snapped at him and started arguements. Mail Man was not real happy with me. Finally I got the furniture rearranged. And the house clean. And the windows clean.

Thursday, I was exhausted again. I assume with good reason, seeing as I worked my ass off cleaning and moving furniture the day before. Except my period had virtually stopped again. WTF. I was still spotting, so I decided not to worry about it. But I was really tired and not feeling sexy or horny at all. Mail Man at this point was starting to get worried. I had not told him I was worried enough to take a test a few days earlier. I told him then and he said too bad I was taking another one because he just knew I was pregnant. Go to store to buy chips and candy and a test.

Get home and wait til Friday morning to take the test. Still negative. Thanks again Fates. And he was totally wrong. So much for his just knowing.  I think PMS kicked my ass hard this month. Not a lot of flow, just crampy, moodiness, tiredness, and food cravings. That has all but ended and I feel much better now.

Add to all of this, on the way home from visiting his family, the clutch went out on his truck. This just after we got my van back from needing a new transmission and few other things. And almost $1600 later, it seems to be running. We call around to see about parts or having it put in. Yeah, almost $600 for the clutch. Did I mention his truck is an antique. It's like, over 30 years old. But at least it runs. Well, it did. Fuck. We don't ahve the money to fix it because we just fixed my van. So it's sitting in the driveway and we are down to just my van.

Had my next visit with my son, and it went well. Then Monday rolls around. We have to get up early. His mom is on her way to the hospital for surgery and will call and tell us when she gets to town so we can meet her there. The dingbat waits to call us until she is in the parking lot. We scramble to finish getting our stuff together and get out the door. To drive to the other side of town through morning rush hour traffic. Of course she is a nervous wreck cuz she has been sitting there on her own. She is a bit nuerotic anyway, and totally worked herself up on how awful the surgery was going to be and scared herself witless. We got her calmed down and she went back for her surgery. She was super groggy and had a hard time waking up. And when she did wake up, she acted like she was drunk.

Then on Tuesday, her blood pressure bottomed out. She couldn't talk. She wasn't coherent. (I'm not sure she is all that coherent anyway, but she was a lot worse. She is a pretty goofy lady, but I really like her a lot. She is friendly and personable.) Her throat and tongue swelled up. Finally her BP improved up into the normal range. She was able to tell us where she was and answer all of the questions we asked her. Although her tongue was still a bit swelled. Mail Man stayed with her on Tuesday night. I had the bed to myself again, but did not really enjoy it too much.

Wednesday morning, I get up around eight after not sleeping too well. I don't want to call and wake them up, knowing she probably didn't sleep too much, and knowing that Mail Man would not sleep at all. Finally after not hearing from them, at 9:30 I sent him a text. He promptly called back and said I could come and get him anytime. I put on my makeup and grabbed my bag and was off. We came home and Mail Man said his legs and feet were killing him. I rubbed his legs and foot. (One is in a cast again, but yet again that's another story.) Mail Man fell asleep after I was done in like, less than 30 seconds. I knew he was really tired. For some reason, so was I. So he slept in the recliner where he had sat down when he came in the door, and I laid down on the floor. We both woke up and got cleaned up again. We left to go back to the hospital. We stopped at Arby's for dinner. I dropped him off and came back home.

I had not even been home an hour when he sends me a text saying her BP botomed out again. I told him to ask what meds she had in the past few hours. The dumb fucks at the hospital gave her the BP meds she had been on before the surgery. Now, why in the fuck would you give BP meds for high blood pressure to someone that had been bottoming out and finally leveled out today to a normal healthy BP? Why in the fuck would you give BP meds to someone that is not having high BP's? So of course her BP bottomed out. They were giving her meds to lower a perfectly healthy BP. So now the idiots have overdosed her on pain meds so that she was punch drunk, then given her BP meds to lower a BP of 120/70. I think she needs to get out of there as soon as she can. She's going to rehab after the hospital stay and hopefully they are smarter than the idiots at the hospital she is at. The doctors even told us yesterday and today that they would write a note to hold the BP meds until her BP reached a certain point. I am absolutely certain that 120/70 was not the point at which they said to resume the meds. I haven't heard anything back yet, so I am going to assume the best at this point. I am sure that I would have heart more back if anything else had gone wrong or if she wasn't doing well. I will just hope that she is going to do ok for the rest of the night and sleep well. And I hope that Mail Man is able to get some sleep as well.

So, Internets, how was your day?

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