Friday, April 30, 2010

The End. The Beginning.

Today is my last day at work. I have not done shit at work this week. Just some very basic training. I have been bored out of my mind. I think my brain atrophied this week. I can hardly think straight.

What I can think straight about is that today is the last day I have to deal with this particular bitch. I know there will be another one, but adios bee-otch.

I am still not done packing. I ran out of boxes and had to go get more last night. I am also taking more home from work today.

We have dinner with my mom, cousin S, sister and her girls planned for tonight. MM said he was ready to skip it and just get home. We pick the truck up in the morning and he said he wanted to load it and leave then. I told him no. We were staying til Sunday morning so we can sleep Saturday night for the long ass drive on Sunday. I will be drained from saying good-bye to all my friends at work, then saying good-bye to my family. I don't want to try to drive after all of that. I want to sleep some.

I think we will just pack what ever is already in boxes on Saturday morning into the truck, then worry about getting that last bit of shit packed and loaded by ourselves later on Saturday. Have I mentioned that I hate moving? Have I mentioned that my computer at home is like 10-12 years old, and I can't get shit to load on it? SO, I will not have any internet for several days, if not weeks when I move. I am going to go into withdrawal. I will totally have to find a library and get a card so I can get online. What will I do without my fix of all you? I will lose my mind, that's what. Or at least I can pretend I am so we can get a computer faster. I may take the old computer just to see if I can make it work for now. No way do I want to go for a couple of weeks with no interwebz. Not that the computer problems have anything to do with moving and loading the truck. Just sayin.

I now think I am really stessing about this move even though I didn't think I was. I have a headache again today. I also still have some pressure in my face, so I took some more my boyfriend sinus medicine. I don't get a fuzzy tongue from it though. And the netti pot that was a preference of the Un Mom kinda scares me. It just seems gross. Plus, I am not having drainage and I am not stopped up. I just feel pressure behind my eyes and around my nose. I am not sure if it can work for that. Oh, well, it's not like I was gonna run out and try it today.

I am apparently getting a farewell party today at work. I was thinking about leaving early, but for cake and goodies? I am totally staying. Hopefully there will not be any tears. I don't do tears. Too much emotion for me. I like life to be smooth and level. Or maybe life not smooth and level, but my emotions smooth and level. Makes things easier to deal with. Usually. Just call me emotionally restrained. Unless it's exciting, then I'm all about that. Excitement is fun to have and share.

Anywhoooo, I should have saved this for a random post, cuz that's what this shit is. See how my brain is operating today? It's been this way all week. Plus I'm super tired to go with it. So I have a fuzzy brain (not tongue) and a tired brain. I am starting to wonder how I have functioned at all this week.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RTT. Sorry No Snappy Title

It's Tuesday.
Here ya go:

Go visit Keely at The Un Mom. Play along. Comment. Especially comment. We all need a little bit of smartass in our lives today.

I made good progress last night. Finished all that I set out to accomplish.

We went to the bar last night for dinner. I ate fried food. Good for the waist line, right?

Stayed out kinda late even though I was tired.

Got home and watched Twilight, New Moon. Or mostly watched it. Went to bed before it was over. I was still up to like midnight like a dumbass. So, I'm still tired today.

I'm so glad to be moving and that I won't have that long fucking drive Sunday nights anymore. That 2 am shit getting home and then going to work the next morning is for the birds. Or at least someone ten years younger than me.

I'm not eating as much now that the PMS is going away. I'm still snacking today, but not nearly so much. Not to mention when I'm full, I'm able to stop eating. Much better.

My friends little boy broke his arm at school the other day. The boys at school signed their names and the girls drew hearts on the cast. And he's still miserable. No sports or bike racing for weeks now.

I don't watch the news or read the paper.  I get my fix of "news" from other blogs. Mostly celebrity news. I really get sick of hearing most of it. They're human too, so let's just get over them and start worrying about the real stuff news people, K? And Kate? Go away. Let your kids grow up with a "normal" life.

I heart Purell.

I don't heart germs. And doorhandles that icky people have touched.

I heart Subway.

I don't heart cranky mean people.

I heart Aunt Becky.

I don't heart working.

I heart Random Tuesday Thoughts.

I don't heart not enough time to read all the blogs.

Now get over there and play and read along.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Never Ending Story

I made a dent in the upstairs room that had holiday storage in it. We took one van load over to my sister's basement. It cleaned out most of what is going with us (at some point). I have to finish sorting the room to get rid of most of what is left. I also have a spare twin bed up there, but it is going with us. Well, I say bed, but it is just the box spring and mattress on the floor. The box springs I probably don't need. The bunk beds that the matress goes on does not use box springs. I will probably get rid of the box springs after all. Then I have some Partylite candles in there to box up and that is about it for the room. I won't be getting anything done tonight because I leave to go down south for my visit with Creep.
Well, I am back from my visit. Tonight I start on the upstairs room. I should be able to get that room completely finished and closed off. I also plan to get all the stuff going to the Salvation Army loaded into the van for MM to take tomorrow.

Tonight, my mom is coming over to get all the garden stuff I have outside. That will take care of the back porch as well. I don't need any of the garden stuff this year. I am not figuring I will have time to worry about gardening while moving and starting a new job, learning my way around, finding the stores I will need to shop at. Basically just learning the area and how to get around.

Then tomorrow night I will clean out the shit room. I used it for storing shit, and I left all the shit there. Now, I get to sort through it all and pitch most of it. I will keep a few things in there, but most of it will go bye-bye. I should have done some most of this months ago. Talk about procrastination. Oh, well. I guess it's getting done now.

Hopefully I will have this all done before the weekend.

And holy fuck, have you checked out the prices for a U-Haul lately? The last time I rented one it was a couple of hundred dollars to rent a u-haul. Of course you have to pay for the gas and what-not, so obviously it costs more than that, but it was like $200 to rent the truck. Now? It's damn close to $600 just for the truck. WTF? And the mileage seems to have gone down some. I asked for extra miles because our house is way out in BFE and I'm not sure the mileage allowance would have been enough. They were happy to accomodate me on that though. I guess renting the truck is cheaper than buying all new furniture though.

Who knew moving was going to cost so much? Not me, that's for sure. I will save the cost on the moving in the first couple of months though on all the gas that I save not having to drive over 1200 miles every other weekend to see my son. Yippee!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spare Tires

I am in the crush countdown for moving. I am still not packed. I still have shit to sort through. I still have more shit to get rid of. I am making progress. We took two van loads to my sister's basement last night. I will probably not take any loads over tonight. I plan on taking MM up to the bar tonight so he can meet my dad and pals. They have good food, and of course, alcohol. I like me some wine. Except they don't have wine. They do have Smirnoff though. I'll take that.

I have one room in my house completely emptied out, cleaned and closed off. I have another room that is emptied of everything not going with us. It is not cleaned and closed off because that is my bedroom. The bathroom is emptied of everything we don't need on a daily basis. I haven't even started on the kitchen, dining room, or two spare bedrooms. One spare bedroom was storage and that is going to the basement at my sister's house. The other one is the "junk" room. Everything got tossed in there until I could figure out what I wanted to do with it. Shit's all still there. But not for long. I will have to make sure we get home in time tonight to make a dent in the other upstairs spare room. I will probably load it all into the van. Or at least what fits. Then take it to my sister's house tomorrow night after work. Maybe another load as well.

I have a lot of tubs that have decorations in them for thanksgiving and christmas. I am not taking all of them because there is no place to store them. I plan on coming home on a regular basis, so each trip home I will load my van with the tubs for the next season to use in our house. Then I will rent a storage space somewhere down there to keep the stuff nearby for when we buy a house next year. That will without a doubt have a basement for me to store this shit these valuable items in. MM says I can't use the house for storage and that he doesn't want stuff everywhere. He's never seen what I can do with packing/storing. He needs to be prepared to be amazed. He'll figure it out soon enough. And I'll just smile. It's a girly thing, yo.

If I get the spare room emptied and cleaned, then all I have left is the first floor. Yippee.

My mom is starting to have a hard time with the move. She has been telling me for weeks that she is happy for me and wants what is best for me. This all seems like it is working out for the best. Yada, yada. Today, she tells me that she is having a problem with all of this. She is going to miss me. Well, obviously. What did she think was going to happen? I really think what she is going to miss is me coming over to clean the gutters since no one else in the family can climb up on the roof. They're a bunch of height-fearin-phobics. What's up with that? Heights themselves can't kill ya. Right? And she will miss my manual labor coming over to help her dig up and transplant her flowers when she can't do it by herself. Right Mom? You just know one of your slaves children is escaping? And that is hard to bear?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flowers and Unicorns and Cats

It's Tuesday. That means random. Good thing, too.
Grab your button and play along.

I love flowers. Not the kind from the flower shop. The kind in the ground. You know, the ones you plant.

I am not sure if I believe in Unicorns.

That will satisfy the "requirement" for flowers and unicorns.

I had Subway for lunch. It was tasty.

I went to a company picnic for MM yesterday. It was way out in the middle of nowhere and it was a beatiful spot. The food was good and the people there were really nice.

I got home really late last night. It was almost 2 am. I have got two more weeks of that shit. Then I will be down there and have a two hour drive home. Yippee.

I have been eating like there's no tomorrow. I know it's because I have been really busy and active the past few weeks, but I am worried I am going to start gaining weight again. I will have to really watch it.

I think that is just about all the random I have for today. Now go check out Keely at The UnMom for more random.

PS- I just realized I didn't post anything about cats. Oh, well, it's a random title and senseless title, too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We have a house. I am sooo ready to pack my shit and get out of here. They finally posted my job, however, even if they hire someone soon, I will be gone by the time they are ready to start. So, I really want to just leave. There will not be anyone for me to train. I could just load my shit up and get out of here.

Except that ugly bit of me that is responsible keeps popping up and saying "it's not responsible to just leave. It wouldn't be right." So I am still here. While MM is not. Man, I am bummed about that. I only got to see him for a short time this past weekend. I was with my son for the weekend. I did take Friday off and went down Thursday night. I spent Friday with him lounging around and taking some stuff to our house that I had brought for him to use. Then we spent Friday night by going to the club and listening to the band. They were pretty good, although they got a late start and took a really long break. We were ready to go by the time they got back. I spent all day with my son, and we had a good visit. Saturday night I went back to MM and spent the night there getting laid with him. I got up early and went back to get my son for the day. We had another good day. I stopped briefly to tell MM good bye as I had to come back to work on Monday. I ended up not making very good time on the way home.

What is it with all the fucking morons that have to stop every time they see an orange cone or barrel on the side of the road. I mean, come on folks. Yes, I realize it is construction. Yes, I realize that you have to slow down so you don't dent your car if you run someone over hit and kill and innocent construction worker. I get that, but 10 miles an hour? On the fucking interstate? Please? Just hit the gas peddle a little bit. I promise it won't dent your car that much if you are running 20-30 miles an hour. I got places to go and people to see. Well, no I don't. Not really. But I do have a lead foot and you driving slow? Makes me want to stab you. Or run you over. You are so lucky my minivan is not big enough to absorb the shock if I run into you. Just get the fuck out of my way already.

Ok, sorry for the road rage.....

I made it to work on Monday morning. Really tired (see above paragraph), but I made it. Only to find out they are no closer to finding a replacement for me. Oh, well. Not my problem as soon as the 30th rolls around. I will still answer questions if they have any, but it ultimately will be theirs to deal with.

But I am so ready to move. MM is off due to being injured at work. He is sitting by himself down there and I am by myself up here. Boring. I will bring him back with me this weekend. Then we can at least spend the evening together up here. And the nights. and just think what fun that will be. Shit, I will probably be so tired for the next two weeks, that I'll look like I'm in a coma at work. Oh, well. I didn't want to spend my last couple of weeks working hard anyway. It'll be attack of the zombies when we are up here together. But at least it won't be midget zombie porn. That would be scary.

That's all for today, friendz. It's time for me to take a break for lunch. (Isn't that nice, I can take a break and blog, then take a break for lunch. It's nice to be me.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wha Not to Wear Part III

Okay, my sister is ready to choke me. I called and talked to her for a while again last night about my upcoming move. The church is ready for me to move on because they have some new ministry members coming in, and they would prefer to give them my house. That way the families have some place to stay while they are looking for a home. I'm kind of feeling rushed here. Hurry up and get the fuck out. They would never actually say that, cuz they are too polite, but it is what they are thinking and wanting. So, now I have to pack and get cleaned out and make the house spic and span. The original plan was to demolish the house when I moved, but apparently now they want to use it longer. If they were going to demolish it, I was not going to spend a lot of time cleaning, because, obviously.

Sooo, I decided to bring up the idea of jeans for a wedding outfit again. She huffed and puffed and told me no way. My response? "Okay, I will wear a dress. I looked at Target like you told me too. I found a dress I really liked. I also found a bunch that looked really awful on these saggy nursed a baby boobies." Sis got all excited that I found a dress. "Ooohhhh, what does it look like?  What color is it?" So of course I had to tell her it was a slip dress with spaghetti straps and a sheer dress (for lack of a better word) that goes over it. It is still short sleeves, and it has a scoop neck on it. I really like it. So I bought it. Again she wanted to know what color it was, because, oh she saw this dress that was this color and that dress that was that color......
"I will wear a dress if I can wear this black one."


Yes, I got yelled at, just like I thought. Then I started cracking up since I knew that was exactly what I thought would happen. She was only slightly annoyed at me. Then I told her to dress the girls up in party dresses and fancy shoes and I would go back to wearing jeans. She huffed at me and changed the subject.
I don't understand why.

Then as I was telling MM last night, he changed his mind. I can't wear jeans. I have to wear a dress. I am pretty sure I know exactly why he wants me to wear a dress. Typical man. He gets to wear jeans, but I have to wear a dress. I informed him that he was wrong and if he could put on jeans to get married in, so could I dammit. He was having none of it last night. Kept telling me he was the man and not to argue with him. I'll set him straight. (He was laughing while he was telling me this so it wasn't really being a high-handed sexist attitude.) I guess I'll have to work on him some this weekend to get him round to my view.  Maybe find some jeans that look super good that he will want me to wear all the time. Show off my ass or something. He told me no again.

So, I did what any rational level headed female would do. I informed him I would go naked, and that would solve the arguement of what I would wear. Put my whole body out there for the entire world to see. He just laughed at me. I am pretty sure he did not believe me. Maybe I'll wear my bathing suit. That'll show'em all. At least it is not made out of jean material and it is not black. Satisfies all the requirements laid down by my sister and MM.