Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Official

I talked to my attorney on Friday about moving. He told me that it was a "fabulous" idea. In fact, he told me several times that it was a "fabulous" idea and that it would help my case tremendously. So this weekend I am going down to MM's place and we are getting it on going to look for a place for me to live. Preferably a house to rent. I lived in a duplex and currently in a house and I don't think I could ever go back to apartment living. He doesn't want to either.

This past weekend I spent the nights with him and the days with my son. Normally I stay with him on Friday night on my way down to see S. Then go get S and get a hotel room for our visit. Then MM comes over Saturday evening and spends the night with me. Mom went with me this time. I don't know about you, but sleeping in the same bed as my SO and mom sleeping in the bed next to us is a little creepy. And totally makes it so we can't get the Sex on. Weird in more than one way to have mom sleeping in the bed next to us. Ick. No thanks. So I hiked my ass on over to his house. It is about an hour and a half away but so worth it.

We spent time this weekend talking about his military time. It is a lot to take in. We ate some good food that me and mom made at the hotel. Then I totally crashed. But since it was time to change the clocks, my brain would not shut down and I woke up at about 1:30. And did not go back to sleep for fear I would over sleep. Talk about tired all day and night. We had some good conversation, especially considering that it was in the middle of the night and neither of us had had more than a couple of hours of sleep the night before and only a couple of hours of sleep Saturday. I got up and took a shower while he made some breakfast, and then was on my way. It was a good weekend. With MM and with S. I can't wait to get closer so we can spend more time together. This long distance shit is for the fucking birds.

I am really looking foward to getting my ass down there for many reasons. The sooner I get down there, the sooner I can show myself established for court, the closer I am to S and MM, and the sooner I can get more sex.  moved on in my life. Plus the weather is nicer. It's way warmer down there right now.

I will have a more certain date of moving after today and this weekend. My boss is telling his boss that I am leaving. They will decide whether to keep my job in the office I currently am in, or move it to another office. If they move it, I will not give as long of a notice. If they retain the job in my office, I will stay for a while to train the new person. For a couple of weeks anyway. I figure four to six weeks from now, my shit will get thrown into a moving van and I'll be outta here. Come on four to six weeks.

So, tell me interneters, any suggestions on things I need to consider before this long distance move?

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