Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Non Waxing, Non Milk Kind of Visits. Oh Yeah, and Easter.

Come and join me over at Keely's. She's the Un Mom. You'll love her. Then grab an ugly purple button of your own and play along. And don't bitch about it, just do what you're told.


I learned that I do not have what it takes to wax. I think it requires far more skill, or talent, or coordination or some damn thing that I don't have. It was pretty funny though. Not funny enough to try it again on my own.

I have been eating like a pig. I hate PMS. Glad it should be ending soon. Not glad for the next step though.

I will be officially moving now at the first of May. My last day at work will be the 30th of April. MM is coming up to help me pack the truck and spend some time with my family/friends a couple of days before I move down there. I plan on spending Friday night with me, MM and my mom. Then spend Saturday with MM, my mom, sis and her girls, and all of us spending the day over at K's house.  We can do a cookout or something. She said if it is nice out, we can sit on their new patio in the back or just stay inside and visit if the weather is not so nice. Then we can go home and start loading the truck, finish loading Sunday morning, get on the road on Sunday afternoon or early evening. We will unpack all the big stuff on Monday since MM has to go back to work on Tuesday. I can unload and unpack the rest of the stuff.

I am so looking forward to this weekend. It is a long weekend for me since it's Easter. I get to spend a couple of days with MM and then spend Sunday with S. What a happy weekend. I am always glad for days off work, but even more glad when I get to spend the days with the men I love. (Wouldn't S love to know he was called a man instead of a boy hehe)

We don't have any plans for Easter because I will be visiting my son. We will probably go to the park, hide eggs and just hang out all day. Maybe play some baseball together. And eat. Gotta eat Easter candy. And treats.

I love oreos.

What? This is supposed to be random.

Also, I don't love milk.

I know, what's up with that shit? Oreos and no milk. Milk is gross.

I won't gross you all out by my reasons, but just know that if I can help it, I will always avoid milk. I have rice milk in my car and at home right now. Not real milk, but that is what makes it good to me.


  1. Woohooo! congrats on the upcoming move.

    Have a great RTT.

  2. What were you trying to wax? Where are you moving to?

    My PMS is starting too. If I even think about salt my feet swell up like melons! *sigh*

    Milk = GAG
    Oreos = nomnomnom!

  3. Oh honey, you are not trying to wax yourself, are you? Go to a professional!! I know that it takes a bit of getting used to to have a total stranger messing around with hot wax and your nether regions, but it's worth it!

  4. Indeed I did, but never again. Professional is the way to go next time, when I get the courage up to try it again.

  5. Oh I completely agree with you on the milk and oreos thing! Love, Love, LOVE oreos! HATE! milk. :)