Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Suck

Apparently bowling is still not my strong suit. I did manage one strike out of the three games and two spares. Some of the time I was happy just to not have a gutter ball! Even the kids beat my score! Of course, they had this fabulous thing that they could put the ball on and just push it off so it would roll down the lane. And they had the little bumper things so that they could not get gutter balls. And they lost interest after the first game. There were some arcade games there that were all shiny and beepy and lit up and noisy. They were much more exciting than waiting your turn to roll the ball down the lane.

 But I did not fall down. I came close one time, but managed to keep my balance. I was so proud of myself. In fact, two of the little kids fell down, but I am proud to say I had more grace than the three and five year old. That is quite the accomplishment in my book.

We had a pretty good time. The pizza was good and the bowling was fun. I just wish that Mail Man could have been there. I went with some friends of mine (a couple) and a couple that they are friends with. Fortunately, I did not feel like a fifth wheel. Everyone was really nice. It just would have been more fun if I had been part of a couple as well. Then I would have had someone to kiss when I made my strike! I'll just have to kiss him when he gets home. I'm pretty sure Mail Man will be ok with that. :)

I also had no idea just how expensive bowling has become. I don't remember exactly what it cost to bowl 15 years ago, but I was broke as a joke back then, so if we could all afford to bowl, it had to be cheap. I do remember that it cost more to eat than to bowl. Of course the alcohol cost more than the bowling, but what fun to bowl and drink at the same time. It makes the challenge of not gutter balling (hee hee, that just sounds naughty) all that much more fun. Alas, no alcohol last night. Sadly, it was still a challenge to keep my balls out of the gutter! (There's that naughtiness again!)

So what fun things did you get up to this wonderful weekend?

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