Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Randomness Today


It's Random Tuesday and I have not done this in a long time. Head on over to Keely's to get the rest of the randomness. 

Here goes with my crazy randomness. I hope no guys are reading this, it may be TMI, even for women. Be prepared.......

I hate PMS. I get it worse every single month. Except the past two months. I get it worse every two weeks. WTF is up with that? I don't need a bout of PMS and another period. I just had one a little over two weeks ago.  And two weeks before that. And about three weeks before that. I know some of it was stress over my hearing, but, seriously, do I really need another one just because the holidays are upon us? Dear body, I know that in years gone past, you thought that I needed a period every year on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I just had one. Or more. So let it go.

My boobies hurt like nobody's business. My abdomen hurts right behind and below my belly button. I have been constipated and gassy like something is rotting in there. I have had a headache every day for the last three days. WTF. I am ready for this period to start. I'd rather bleed than have more PMS right now. 

I also keep crying. Over stupid shit. (See PMS.) Then laughing hysterically the next thing as Mail Man tries cheering me up. So, I am laughing through my tears. That's how it's supposed to be though, right?

My cat shit on the bathroom floor. Well, on the rug actually. We usually don't let them into the bedroom, but I was really tired today so I decided to take a nap and let the kitties lay down with me. Instead, one comes in, shits on the rug and none of them laid down with me. Shitheads. See if I let them in again. 

I have eaten an insane amount of food lately. I am starving. I don't have specific cravings. It's more of a "everything sounds good' and eat all day sort of thing. So much so, that last night when we went to bed, I thought I was going to throw up because my stomach was so full. I have the pea brain of a dog. Don't stop eating when you are full, stop eating when there is no food left. I'm a retard lately. (Please don't take that as a disrespect. I'm just saying my brain is not functioning this week.)

I'm reading a Dean Koontz book right now. It is the fourth book in his Odd Thomas series. I have read it before, but don't have any of his new books yet, so I am stuck reading the ones I already have. I heart DK books. 

I made some vegetable soup that was full of Awesome. Let me tell you. I could eat the whole crock pot. And I tried. Until I thought I was going to be sick again. So I actually did stop eating. See, not entirely brain dead yet. 

MM and I had a fun day yesterday. I miss him when he's gone. I also miss the sexy. I need the sexy. Especially right now. I'm thinking it may be related to the aforementioned PMS. 

I found that Charmed is on tv on our cable service every night at six and seven. I am in love with our cable now. I love Charmed. 

I also love NCIS. 

Gotta go. I need some chocolate. Or anything. I'm hungry again. 

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  1. Oh honey, if you think PMS is a problem, wait until you reach perimenapause! I sometimes feel like I am literally coming out of my skin. Like I could scream at the world and smash anybody who messed with me with a frying pan. Then I laugh, then I cry. Totally crazy.

  2. Oh, don't tell me that. Or maybe thank you for letting me know it only gets worse! And I have a nice frying pan. It's a sturdy stainless steel one, I should start carrying it around with me to threaten everyone.....

  3. hey, this is ken, crissy's husband.

    as far as your symptoms, look into estrogen dominance. dr john lee coined the term a couple of decades ago. basically your estrogen is outweighing your progesterone, and it causes a lot of issues as a result.

    crissy has many of those symptoms. we have some natural progesterone cream (from dr. lee's site) but we have not yet started using it (waiting for menstruation to start so the cycle will line up).

    check it out.

    good luck.