Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not Your Traditional Thanksgiving Post

Instead of stating all the things I am thankful for today, I am going to post about the things that piss me off.

Why do the stores have to be open today? Why do they have to make all those poor employees work instead of allowing those store clerks to home with their family?

What is it with the spoiled brats that are masqueraded as children these days? Is it the parents fault only or is it the parents and media combined? I know that it is the sense of entitlement that most people have these days, but come on you little shitholes, behave and be happy for what you have instead of wanting more, more, more.

I saw a show on tv the other day and it made my skin crawl and made me get super stabby. The show was about these women that had lots of kids, at least four, sometimes as many as eight. And the women on the show were all bitching and moaning because they had all boys. The poor little bitchy princesses wanted to have a little baby princess. WTF? What happened to thinking that every child was a blessing? What happened to just being happy you could have kids? What happened to just being happy that you had your children in your life every day? What is wrong with those women that they got depressed to the point of causing unrepairable damage to their marriages because the poor husbands Y chromosome spermies were the only ones that got there. And the poor boys that felt that they weren't good enough because they had the misfortune of being born male? What mega-bitches. Get over yourselves.

Why does cat shit smell so bad? Scratch that. Why does the male cat shit smell so bad? My girlie cat can take a shit and I don't smell it while I'm sitting in the living room. When one of the boy-o cats takes a shit, the whole place stinks.

What about you? What gets under your skin on this thankful day?

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