Friday, April 30, 2010

The End. The Beginning.

Today is my last day at work. I have not done shit at work this week. Just some very basic training. I have been bored out of my mind. I think my brain atrophied this week. I can hardly think straight.

What I can think straight about is that today is the last day I have to deal with this particular bitch. I know there will be another one, but adios bee-otch.

I am still not done packing. I ran out of boxes and had to go get more last night. I am also taking more home from work today.

We have dinner with my mom, cousin S, sister and her girls planned for tonight. MM said he was ready to skip it and just get home. We pick the truck up in the morning and he said he wanted to load it and leave then. I told him no. We were staying til Sunday morning so we can sleep Saturday night for the long ass drive on Sunday. I will be drained from saying good-bye to all my friends at work, then saying good-bye to my family. I don't want to try to drive after all of that. I want to sleep some.

I think we will just pack what ever is already in boxes on Saturday morning into the truck, then worry about getting that last bit of shit packed and loaded by ourselves later on Saturday. Have I mentioned that I hate moving? Have I mentioned that my computer at home is like 10-12 years old, and I can't get shit to load on it? SO, I will not have any internet for several days, if not weeks when I move. I am going to go into withdrawal. I will totally have to find a library and get a card so I can get online. What will I do without my fix of all you? I will lose my mind, that's what. Or at least I can pretend I am so we can get a computer faster. I may take the old computer just to see if I can make it work for now. No way do I want to go for a couple of weeks with no interwebz. Not that the computer problems have anything to do with moving and loading the truck. Just sayin.

I now think I am really stessing about this move even though I didn't think I was. I have a headache again today. I also still have some pressure in my face, so I took some more my boyfriend sinus medicine. I don't get a fuzzy tongue from it though. And the netti pot that was a preference of the Un Mom kinda scares me. It just seems gross. Plus, I am not having drainage and I am not stopped up. I just feel pressure behind my eyes and around my nose. I am not sure if it can work for that. Oh, well, it's not like I was gonna run out and try it today.

I am apparently getting a farewell party today at work. I was thinking about leaving early, but for cake and goodies? I am totally staying. Hopefully there will not be any tears. I don't do tears. Too much emotion for me. I like life to be smooth and level. Or maybe life not smooth and level, but my emotions smooth and level. Makes things easier to deal with. Usually. Just call me emotionally restrained. Unless it's exciting, then I'm all about that. Excitement is fun to have and share.

Anywhoooo, I should have saved this for a random post, cuz that's what this shit is. See how my brain is operating today? It's been this way all week. Plus I'm super tired to go with it. So I have a fuzzy brain (not tongue) and a tired brain. I am starting to wonder how I have functioned at all this week.

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  1. Moving and last days at work are sooooo stressful. I recommend red wine before, during and after both!