Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RTT. Sorry No Snappy Title

It's Tuesday.
Here ya go:

Go visit Keely at The Un Mom. Play along. Comment. Especially comment. We all need a little bit of smartass in our lives today.

I made good progress last night. Finished all that I set out to accomplish.

We went to the bar last night for dinner. I ate fried food. Good for the waist line, right?

Stayed out kinda late even though I was tired.

Got home and watched Twilight, New Moon. Or mostly watched it. Went to bed before it was over. I was still up to like midnight like a dumbass. So, I'm still tired today.

I'm so glad to be moving and that I won't have that long fucking drive Sunday nights anymore. That 2 am shit getting home and then going to work the next morning is for the birds. Or at least someone ten years younger than me.

I'm not eating as much now that the PMS is going away. I'm still snacking today, but not nearly so much. Not to mention when I'm full, I'm able to stop eating. Much better.

My friends little boy broke his arm at school the other day. The boys at school signed their names and the girls drew hearts on the cast. And he's still miserable. No sports or bike racing for weeks now.

I don't watch the news or read the paper.  I get my fix of "news" from other blogs. Mostly celebrity news. I really get sick of hearing most of it. They're human too, so let's just get over them and start worrying about the real stuff news people, K? And Kate? Go away. Let your kids grow up with a "normal" life.

I heart Purell.

I don't heart germs. And doorhandles that icky people have touched.

I heart Subway.

I don't heart cranky mean people.

I heart Aunt Becky.

I don't heart working.

I heart Random Tuesday Thoughts.

I don't heart not enough time to read all the blogs.

Now get over there and play and read along.


  1. I heart Purell, too. So much that people buy it for me for presents (well, the "fancy" Bath and Bodyworks kind). And I try hard not to think about what's on the doorknobs :)

  2. Everything is better fried isn't it?

    PMS always wreaks havoc on my eating schedule. I end up grazing on junk non stop.

    Purell is my best friend. That and baby wipes which you can use for almost anything.

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy RTT.

  3. Fried is good. I think everything tastes better fried.

    I heart Purell too. I can't believe it didn't exist for so long. I wonder how my parents lived without it.

  4. I am in 100% DISAGREEANCE (thats a word right?) with you about Kate. no wait... 1,000% actually But I do agree with you about RTT. I heart RTT :)

  5. I totally heart Aunt Becky too!!! So you must obviously be full of the Awesome too! Can't wait to get to know you...