Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We have a house. I am sooo ready to pack my shit and get out of here. They finally posted my job, however, even if they hire someone soon, I will be gone by the time they are ready to start. So, I really want to just leave. There will not be anyone for me to train. I could just load my shit up and get out of here.

Except that ugly bit of me that is responsible keeps popping up and saying "it's not responsible to just leave. It wouldn't be right." So I am still here. While MM is not. Man, I am bummed about that. I only got to see him for a short time this past weekend. I was with my son for the weekend. I did take Friday off and went down Thursday night. I spent Friday with him lounging around and taking some stuff to our house that I had brought for him to use. Then we spent Friday night by going to the club and listening to the band. They were pretty good, although they got a late start and took a really long break. We were ready to go by the time they got back. I spent all day with my son, and we had a good visit. Saturday night I went back to MM and spent the night there getting laid with him. I got up early and went back to get my son for the day. We had another good day. I stopped briefly to tell MM good bye as I had to come back to work on Monday. I ended up not making very good time on the way home.

What is it with all the fucking morons that have to stop every time they see an orange cone or barrel on the side of the road. I mean, come on folks. Yes, I realize it is construction. Yes, I realize that you have to slow down so you don't dent your car if you run someone over hit and kill and innocent construction worker. I get that, but 10 miles an hour? On the fucking interstate? Please? Just hit the gas peddle a little bit. I promise it won't dent your car that much if you are running 20-30 miles an hour. I got places to go and people to see. Well, no I don't. Not really. But I do have a lead foot and you driving slow? Makes me want to stab you. Or run you over. You are so lucky my minivan is not big enough to absorb the shock if I run into you. Just get the fuck out of my way already.

Ok, sorry for the road rage.....

I made it to work on Monday morning. Really tired (see above paragraph), but I made it. Only to find out they are no closer to finding a replacement for me. Oh, well. Not my problem as soon as the 30th rolls around. I will still answer questions if they have any, but it ultimately will be theirs to deal with.

But I am so ready to move. MM is off due to being injured at work. He is sitting by himself down there and I am by myself up here. Boring. I will bring him back with me this weekend. Then we can at least spend the evening together up here. And the nights. and just think what fun that will be. Shit, I will probably be so tired for the next two weeks, that I'll look like I'm in a coma at work. Oh, well. I didn't want to spend my last couple of weeks working hard anyway. It'll be attack of the zombies when we are up here together. But at least it won't be midget zombie porn. That would be scary.

That's all for today, friendz. It's time for me to take a break for lunch. (Isn't that nice, I can take a break and blog, then take a break for lunch. It's nice to be me.)

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