Monday, April 26, 2010

The Never Ending Story

I made a dent in the upstairs room that had holiday storage in it. We took one van load over to my sister's basement. It cleaned out most of what is going with us (at some point). I have to finish sorting the room to get rid of most of what is left. I also have a spare twin bed up there, but it is going with us. Well, I say bed, but it is just the box spring and mattress on the floor. The box springs I probably don't need. The bunk beds that the matress goes on does not use box springs. I will probably get rid of the box springs after all. Then I have some Partylite candles in there to box up and that is about it for the room. I won't be getting anything done tonight because I leave to go down south for my visit with Creep.
Well, I am back from my visit. Tonight I start on the upstairs room. I should be able to get that room completely finished and closed off. I also plan to get all the stuff going to the Salvation Army loaded into the van for MM to take tomorrow.

Tonight, my mom is coming over to get all the garden stuff I have outside. That will take care of the back porch as well. I don't need any of the garden stuff this year. I am not figuring I will have time to worry about gardening while moving and starting a new job, learning my way around, finding the stores I will need to shop at. Basically just learning the area and how to get around.

Then tomorrow night I will clean out the shit room. I used it for storing shit, and I left all the shit there. Now, I get to sort through it all and pitch most of it. I will keep a few things in there, but most of it will go bye-bye. I should have done some most of this months ago. Talk about procrastination. Oh, well. I guess it's getting done now.

Hopefully I will have this all done before the weekend.

And holy fuck, have you checked out the prices for a U-Haul lately? The last time I rented one it was a couple of hundred dollars to rent a u-haul. Of course you have to pay for the gas and what-not, so obviously it costs more than that, but it was like $200 to rent the truck. Now? It's damn close to $600 just for the truck. WTF? And the mileage seems to have gone down some. I asked for extra miles because our house is way out in BFE and I'm not sure the mileage allowance would have been enough. They were happy to accomodate me on that though. I guess renting the truck is cheaper than buying all new furniture though.

Who knew moving was going to cost so much? Not me, that's for sure. I will save the cost on the moving in the first couple of months though on all the gas that I save not having to drive over 1200 miles every other weekend to see my son. Yippee!

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